The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Live From The Middle East (1998)

genero ska,punk de boston... me acuerdo las q ponia el pepitoska la del pinche cabayo q relinchaba como le tirabamos carro al sonner mmmmmjjjejejejee
1. 1-2-8 2. Do Somethin' Crazy3. He's Back 4. Devil's Night Out 5. Kinder Words 6. Noise Brigade 7. The Rascal King8. Hell Of A Hat 9. Holy Smoke 10. Hope I Never Lose My Wallet 11. I'll Drink To That 12. Royal Oil 13. Cowboy Coffee 14. Doves And Civilians 15. Let's Face It16. Howwhywuz, Howwhyam 17. Dr. D 18. Where'd You Go? 19. Seven Thirty Seven / Shoe Glue 20. The Impression That I Get 21. Someday I Suppose22. Lights Out